Collaborative Engineering Solutions – Website

screenshot of collaborative engineering solutions front page
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Collaborative Engineering Solutions (CES) had just created a new logo and their first professionally designed printed brochure.  They wanted a simple online presence that coordinated with that printed piece.

This was one of my first custom WordPress websites.  The design was very closely aligned with the printed brochure.  

The primary purpose behind the website was to reinforce printed brochure and to position the company as being a trusted and valuable asset to have on hand during a development project for a performance science and technology facility at almost any stage of the process.  

At a glance it showed the viewer that they were working with someone that understood the challenges that a complex and expensive project can have and reinforced the value that CES could bring in cost savings and potential errors avoided early on.

As a one-person engineering expert the client didn’t have the time to learn complex website software, WordPress was a perfect fit.

CES has since become a “side project” for the owner as he is now happily a member of a much larger team.

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