Speed up Your Computer and Increase Efficiency

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Today's Tech Tip:

If you want to make a noticeable difference in the speed of your computer I can help.

One very effective way to improve your computer's speed is to replace your computer's slow mechanical drive with a solid state drive (SSD) that works up to 10x faster.


Tools Are Not Strategy

You first need a strategy, then you find the right tools to accomplish that strategy. Tools that are easy to use, effective, efficient and fit your budget are what you need.

Too often people start with the wrong technology tools and end up spending way too much time and money trying to make their square peg fit the round hole that they needed to fill.

Confusing tools with strategy can waste a lot of time, create a lot of complexity that makes failure likely, cost a ton of money and generates a lot of frustration.


Focus on Your Audience

Website Wednesday

Short & Simple Ideas to Improve Your Website's ROI

A good website will connect with its audience. To do this you need to do your homework, know what your audience wants, and organize your content in ways that make it easy to navigate. 

But wait, there's more! With millions of websites fighting for the same viewers I think you have to do more...  

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Adapt or Perish – Facebook Marketing Reality

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When planning Facebook marketing it's crucial to have realistic expectations given the current state of the "pay to play" environment.

There have been a lot of changes since 2007 when "Fan Pages" were first rolled. At the time it was amazing to think that any organization could reach out and directly engage with their audiences simply by posting on Facebook.

Currently there is chatter in the online marketing world saying that organic reach is now less than 4% of your audience.

At Market Street we don't believe you have to hand over your checkbook to Facebook just to get the word out.


Don’t Buy a Refurbished PC

The cost of a new PC versus the savings from buying a refurbished PC simply don't justify the risk involved.

Computers often develop "intermittent" problems. These are things that happen once a week, twice a month, or once in an 8 hour day.

But, what if the problem, say a faulty hard disk drive, was actually caused by a different component failure that was never actually reported or found during testing?

The technicians never saw the problem manifest itself because they just simply got lucky and/or the testing process wasn't long enough for the issue to arise randomly.

It's still a buggy computer, and if you buy it, the bugs come with it.


Is Your Website Getting Found

A Good Website Gets Found Easily

Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo love websites that we design because smart SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is built into everything we do.  We keep up with the latest rules and recommendations from Google to make sure that your website will not be at risk of losing traction in search results.  

We Are Here to Help

We go a step further than most and actually show you simple ways you can tune your online marketing materials for better search results.  At Market Street we give you as much education as possible to help you do what you want without having to come back to us for help.  


Friday’s Useful Facts: Basics of PC Performance – CPUs

picture of a generic cpu

In this post I'm going to give you some general advice when choosing one computer over another based on the CPU.

CPU's (Central Processing Units) are the brains of the computer and the details about what makes one better than another can be very confusing. I'm going to try and simplify things for you.


Mount Vernon-Lisbon Community Development Group – Website

screenshot of VisitMVL.com mobile friendly

The Mount Vernon-Lisbon Community Development Group (MVL CDG) was tired of fighting with their Joomla website. They wanted something easier to use and they knew it had to be mobile friendly.

This made my decision a simple one to make. We used WordPress with a responsive & mobile friendly theme which I customized to fit their specific needs.


WordPress 4.7 Just Released! Don’t Click The Update Button Just Yet…

WordPress 4.7 just released! But, wait, don't go pressing that "Update" button just yet.

First - Make sure you've got access to a full backup of your entire system. Database, plugins, uploads, core software, themes, child themes, CSS customizations, etc...

Second - Make sure you know how to actually restore from your backup. Otherwise, its like you have a backup generator in the garage, with no idea of how to use it when the power goes out.

Third - Wait a few days. Seriously. As always, this update has been tested extensively with hundreds of volunteers running it on their sites and reporting back with any errors.


A&A Christmas Tree Farm – Website

Screenshot of AAChristmasTree.com

Michael with A&A Christmas Tree Farm has simple goals, he wants to connect with more people and help them find the perfect fresh Iowa-raised Christmas tree for the holidays.

I immediately thought of using a WordPress website along with a coordinated social media presence. Due to the picturesque outdoors of the farm, my first thoughts were of Facebook combined with Instagram or Pinterest.

A little bit of sharing and consistent updating and it should be easy to increase his sales this year given that he was only advertising in the local paper before.